About us

"BAGRA FARM" Ltd. was established in October 2008. Our main object of business is in the filed of agriculture import and trade of fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and rodenticides.

The firm is an official importer of Adriatica SPA.
AGROFOREST ENERGY Ltd. offers bulgarian fertilizers of the CropENERGY series and is an affiliate of "BAGRA FARM" Ltd..

"BAGRA FARM" Ltd.. incorporates four employess with its headquarters situated in Sofia. The firm has at its disposal its own means of transport to expedit devilers to the customers destination as well as warehouse quarters to store fertilizers and pesticides located in central, north, west and south Bulgaria which ensures promptness and swiftness in our activities.

Distribution of our products is implemented by a well organized distribution network, covering all regions of Bulgaria reaching the ultimate customer. An essentional part of our business activity is the trade with small packages which involves co-operation with more than 120 agro-veterinarian pharmacies.

The positive perspectives for "BAGRA FARM" Ltd. are to expand the variaty of basic and specialized fertilizers we offer now as well as the diversity fertilizers for organic agriculture, rodenticides, the fight with household insects and plant protection products.